petals + prose


petals + prose THOUGHTFUL IMAGERY BY TIFFANY ROGERS About the Brand petals + prose is based around the art photography of Chattanooga, Tennessee native, Tiffany Rogers. Tiffany's work is characterized by the use of inspiring quotes and sayings, combined with everyday vintage collectibles, to create stunning [...]

But No, For Real


But No, For Real REFRESHINGLY HONEST GOODS AND APPAREL About the Brand Once upon a time, there was a bespectacled chick with funky fresh hair (that would be me) who was tired of the constant barrage of advertising and marketing that seemed to saturate every aspect [...]

Front Porch Sweet Tea Company


Front Porch Sweet Tea Company SOUTHERN-INSPIRED GOURMET BEVERAGE CONCENTRATES About the Brand Summertime in the South. Sunshine. Fresh air. Front porches. Rocking chairs. A tall glass of your favorite beverage, on ice. It’s this nostalgic notion that inspired us to create our Front Porch Sweet Tea products: [...]



MacSweetie's CURIOUSLY CRAFTED CONFECTIONERY CONCOCTIONS FOR THE COCKTAIL CONNOISSEUR About the Brand Our MacSweetie’s Cocktail and Soda Syrups are inspired by the bitters, elixirs, sodas, and penny candies offered by 1800s-era pharmacies and five & dimes to customers looking to quench their thirst, cure what ailed [...]

Hearth and Pantry


Hearth and Pantry PREMIUM SMALL-BATCH GOURMET APPLE BUTTER About the Brand Hearth and Pantry Gourmet Apple Butter is carefully crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients to ensure that every jar is bursting with exceptional freshness, as well as the bold, fruit-forward flavor you crave. Our allergen-free apple [...]

Siren Spice Company


Siren Spice Company FAVORFUL, ALL-NATURAL SEA SALTS, SUGARS, AND SPICE BLENDS About the Brand The Siren Spice Company brand is a collection of spices that can liven up any meal, snack, or treat with delightful, all-natural flavor. Beginning with only the finest natural ingredients, we aim [...]

The Tiny House Foods


The Tiny House Fine Southern Foods SOUTHERN-INSPIRED HOMESTYLE PANTRY STAPLES About the Brand Our unique lineup of The Tiny House Fine Southern Foods products was inspired by our deep, abiding love of the down-home Southern cooking that we grew up with. So easy to prepare, these delightful, delicious [...]

Bee in Your Bonnet


Bee in Your Bonnet Gourmet Honey Products CREATIVE CULINARY PRODUCTS CRAFTED WITH GOLDEN HONEY AND PURE BOTANICALS About the Brand Since 2013, Bee in Your Bonnet Gourmet Honey Products has been using the highest quality honey, ethically sourced from certified beekeepers. We use this pure, golden honey as [...]

Stomp and Holler Sauces


Stomp and Holler Gourmet Hot Sauces FIERY-BUT-FRIENDLY EVERYDAY HOT SAUCES About the Brand Here in the American South, we love having things to stomp and holler about. Touchdown passes under the Friday night lights. Hard-drivin' bluegrass music at the Saturday night opry. And now, a perfectly [...]


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