Chattanooga, Tennessee natives Matt and Tiffany Rogers are an award-winning husband/wife entrepreneurial team. They are the co-founders of the product development and manufacturing firm, RogersMade, where they create and market artisanal brands focused on slower, healthier living. The duo is incredibly passionate about both crafting and introducing customers to quality, affordable items that can be easily incorporated into daily living. They pride themselves on being avid ambassadors of ‘exceptional goods for everyday folks’, drawing inspiration from their own experiences, favorite flavors, childhood memories, and their Southern Appalachian surroundings.

In addition to her roles in branding and marketing for RogersMade, Tiffany is an award-winning photographer, whose work has been featured in a number of food, lifestyle, and travel publications. She also applies her combined knowledge of herbalism and product development to assist in creating RogersMade recipes.

Matt utilizes his unique and extensive culinary expertise in flavor development to create all RogersMade food products. He also combines his product development skills with a proficient background in graphic design to create the packaging for all RogersMade brands.

Our Brands

Our RogersMade brands are a reflection of ourselves: our own interests, our own experiences, our own loves. We strive to create product collections that people everywhere can appreciate and enjoy as a welcomed part of their daily lives.


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