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  • Road-Tested Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Yogurt with Harvest Spice Granola
  • Matt Rogers
  • Bee in Your Bonnet Infused Honey ProductsRecipes

Road-Tested Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Yogurt with Harvest Spice Granola

Road-Tested Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Yogurt with Harvest Spice Granola

Any time Tiffany and I travel, whether it's for work or vacation, we try to stay at a place with a kitchen. A big part of this is because growing up, my family of six would always stay in a cabin or condo that allowed us to cook every meal. Going out to eat would be a one-time deal on a family vacation. Otherwise, we cooked and ate together. That tradition has followed me my entire life - it just doesn't feel right if I can't cook while we're traveling.

Of course, a full kitchen isn't always available, so sometimes you have to just make due. Thus brings us today's "Road-Tested Recipe": Pumpkin Pie Yogurt with Harvest Spice Granola.

First, a word from our sponsor, Pumpkin Spice:

When we're at home, Tiffany and I usually have some version of overnight oats with yogurt and chia seeds for breakfast (unless I feel like fixing bacon, eggs, and grits instead ... I am a Southerner after all). It's fast, cheap, super healthy, and very delicious. For this recipe, I wanted to take a different spin on a yogurt preparation that can be done in just a few minutes without any special equipment.

The first step, of course, is to assemble your ingredients:

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Ingredients

(The mini pumpkins aren't strictly necessary. They just add a bit of fall ambiance to the experience).

What we have here are three simple ingredients: pumpkin puree; a single serving of plain, fat-free greek yogurt; and our Bee in Your Bonnet Harvest Spice Infused Honey. (I forgot to take a picture of the pinch of salt that you'll need as well). Much of this is done to taste, but I recommend a 1:2 pumpkin to yogurt ratio with enough Harvest Spice honey to flavor and sweeten it to your liking.

Now, yogurt (even delicious, flavored yogurt) seems a little sad and boring without granola, so here's how you can make some quick and delicious homemade granola in your microwave (or on the stove if that's available).

All you need is some old-fashioned oats (quick or instant oats work just as well - just try and avoid anything pre-sweetened), a handful of mixed nuts, some butter (either bring it with or run down to the continental breakfast area and snag a pat or two), and a little bit of Harvest Spice honey.

All you have to do it mix all of the ingredients together and then heat them until the honey is bubbling lightly and everything is a nice golden-brown. All that's left is to wait until it cools down so you can crumble it on top of your Pumpkin Pie Yogurt.

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt with Harvest Spice Granola

You're now ready to dig into a delicious, healthy, quick, and easy recipe that will have you yearning for Fall even more. Read on below for recipes. Enjoy!

- Matt

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

1/2 cup plain, fat-free greek yogurt
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
2 tablespoons Harvest Spice (or Pumpkin Pie) honey
a pinch of salt

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients. Stir until smooth. Serve immediately or refrigerate for later.

Harvest Spice Granola

1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
1/4 cup mixed nuts
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons Harvest Spice (or Pumpkin Pie) honey

Microwave Directions
Roughly chop nuts. Combine all ingredients in a microwave safe container. Microwave on high, 30 seconds at a time, stirring well between each heating. Continue until butter is completely melted, honey is bubbling, and mixture is steaming. Pour mixture onto a non-stick surface to cool. Once cool. break apart and serve on Pumpkin Pie Yogurt.

Stove Stop Directions
Roughly chop nuts. In a shallow, non-stick pan, heat butter over medium heat until melted. Add oats and stir well until coated. Add nuts and honey and stir well to combine. Continue stirring mixture until honey is bubbling and mixture is golden brown. Remove from heat and pour mixture on a non-stick surface. Once cool, break apart and serve on Pumpkin Pie Yogurt.

Pumpkin Pie Granola Empty Bowl

  • Matt Rogers
  • Bee in Your Bonnet Infused Honey ProductsRecipes