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  • Autumn Ambiance with Waxing Wistful Candle Co.
  • Matt Rogers
  • Autumnwaxing wistful candle co.

Autumn Ambiance with Waxing Wistful Candle Co.

Autumn Ambiance with Waxing Wistful Candle Co.

One of the reasons that Tiffany and I got into candlemaking in the first place was because, like so many others, we love candles. From the warm glow to the subtle flickering to the inviting fragrances, there are so many ways that candles help to transform a space. 

When it comes to a philosophy behind candles, our goal is to create collections of fragrances that evoke a sense of time and place. Studies show that scent and taste are two of the strongest ways that our brains connect emotion to memories. I remember the last time I walked into my old elementary school. The smell, more than anything else, made me feel like I was eight years old again. The same thing can be used with other fragrances in order to add more than just a warm glow to a space - you can instill in your house a true sense of nostalgia through scent memory.

Since our favorite season is Autumn, and since Autumn is prime candle burning season, I thought it would be nice to share some of my thoughts on how to utilize our candles in order to create a more inviting space both for yourself and for friends and family.

When it comes to creating a Fall ambiance, I recommend that you start by checking out our Fireside and Southern Kitchen fragrance collections. Both of those are meant to evoke warmth and the nostalgia of a family gathering in a mountain cabin.

When having friends or family over, you should consider some of the bakery fragrances such as Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Bread, and Fresh Sourdough from the Southern Kitchen collection. All three of those will fill your space with the smells of fresh baked goodies, whether or not you want to go to the trouble of actually making any.

Waxing Wistful Candle Co. Pumpkin Bread Candle

One of our favorite Fall activities is to get out in nature. As the Summer heat dies down, nothing beats getting out and walking through the park or the woods or along a ridgeline with the dogs. The rich, earthy smells of moss, wood, and soil are all conveyed in our Balsam Ridge and Oakmoss and Sage candles. Either one will have you thinking about your last outdoor expedition. Before long, you'll probably be planning your next one.

Of course, sometimes there's nothing like a lazy Saturday in the fall. Grab your favorite book and a warm blanket and head out onto the porch to enjoy the crisp Fall air. A Hot Coffee candle will help complete the scene, even if you don't drink coffee.

A few of our Fireside fragrances are very specific and can be used to transport you to a simpler time. We have heard hundreds of comments about how our Pipe Tobacco and Worn Leather candles remind people of their father or grandfather. Images of old boots, saddles, and jackets with the sweet fragrance of a lit pipe spring to mind.

Waxing Wistful Candle Co. Worn Leather Candle

And last but not least, there are few things that prepare us for the Autumn season more than a roaring fire. Our Open Hearth candle has all the fragrance of a burning wood fire without any of the mess. When you can't get out and enjoy the real thing, this candle is a great reminder of why we are so drawn to fire in the first place.

So there you have it. Of course, a stack of pumpkins from your local farmers market, some fresh hot cocoa, and the laughter of friends and family are all good ways to add to the enjoyment of the Fall season. Just remember that much of the scene is set through scent, whether you are cooking a delicious meal or lighting up one of our candles.

Here's to clear skies, crunchy leaves, and crisp morning air. Happy Fall y'all!

- Matt

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  • Matt Rogers
  • Autumnwaxing wistful candle co.